Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Week

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for everything God has blessed us with. Amazing family, wonderful friends, a great church, a roof over our heads...and a beautiful baby that we can't wait to meet in May!

Courtney has been so excited for Christmas since December 26th of last year, and she finally felt like it was ok to start putting up decorations :) I put the tree up and Court put all the decorations on. She did an incredible job!

So far its been an amazing week of Christmas decorating, time with family, food...lots of food, Christmas movies, college basketball, football, Cowboys winning! Aggies losing! and hopefully the Baylor Bears putting up a big win at the death star (cowboys stadium) tonight!


PS: Courtney is 16 weeks pregnant this week!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby M's first picture

So we went to the doctor last week for a check up and we ended up waiting in the waiting room for over an hour. Lots of people were arriving after us and going in and coming out before we even went back! Once we got back, we had to wait some more...but it was all worth the wait when we found out what was about to happen next!

The nurse came in and apologized for us having to wait so long and offered us a free sonogram! We said YES of course and got our first "baby looking" pictures of Baby M! We still don't know what the sex is yet but we will find out in 4 weeks!

Here is Baby M's first picture :)

Rehearsal Dinner Video

So we had someone ask us if we could send them our video from our rehearsal dinner. We didn't know where it was so we started looking and found it. We uploaded it to our computer and we watched it for the first time since our rehearsal dinner! haha. It is crazy to see and funny to hear all the details of how we met and how we got engaged and our perspective of marriage from the "other side." It is very cool to see how much we have grown since then. Hope you enjoy :)

We also had some outtakes...apparently I couldn't stop laughing...